Photomaster is a Complex Digital Photo Service for your favorite photos.

Irreproachable quality for a moderate cost of the operation is the core principle of the work of our service.

All the work is done by a professional photographer and an experienced digital artist with the help of the up-to-date graphic design software.

Photomaster is a
high-quality digital restoration, artistic retouching, amazing photo manipulation of historic family pictures and also bringing modern images to perfection for you and your relatives.

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  • our offers

  • photo restoration: bring back your damaged, blurred and dull photos to life; digital restoration of faded color photo.
  • coloring: transform your black-and-white photographs into colored ones.
  • artistic treatment: let your traditional portrait look like a real work of art, let your images gain style and unique delicacy.
  • glamour retouching: make your ordinary photograph look like a glamour picture on a glossy fashion magazine cover.
  • unique photo gift: make a memorable present to your parents and friends; a unique work dedicated to family events.
  • photo enchantment: saturate your photo with light; make it look bright and clear; reduction of digital image noise and moire.
  • 'cosmetic surgery': improve an appearance without a surgical operation, correct skin defects, make figure slim etc.
  • photomontage: create a brand new picture from a artistic combination of digital photos.
  • pop-art: transform your favorite portrait into an original Pop Art masterpiece; amazing personalized pop art portraits.
  • how it works

  • we work with digital images both scanned from paper or film base (negatives, slides) and taken on a digital photo camera
  • get a free price quote, send your image to our email or upload it using our form
  • you can use any FTP client and upload your image file right to our server. It's the most convenient way, write to us to get detailed instructions
  • we will examine your image, quote our price and email you as soon as possible
  • after our work is finished, we'll email you a proof - small copy of the edited image. Only after that you will have to pay for your order
  • we send you a full sized picture after we get your payment
  • Read more at the Ordering page and feel free to ask any questions to

our customers' comments

"Victor was able to do what I could not accomplish... I puzzled with the image for weeks and finally sought outside assistance. When I found Victor's site, I was unsure because he was so far away...but after reading his FAQ section I felt I was dealing with a knowledgeable person and decided to give him a shot. The resulting image is wonderful and flawless. I highly recommend Photomaster services - especially if you are a professional... you can trust his work" [Anna. California, USA]

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our advantages

  • Save your money
    (you will be surprised how cost effective our service really is: lowest price versus highest quality)
  • Save your time
    (you can place an order from home or your office; you can also make all the necessary changes and additions through the Internet)
  • Save your nerves
    (the original photo won´t be damaged as we deal with its digital copy; the most careful attitude to all the details of your photos)
  • An absolute guarantee of excellent quality
  • Free consultations & advice
  • Discounts to our regular customers and wholesale clients
  • You pay for the order only after the work has been done

payment methods

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Preserve your family photos forever

What a reverential feeling is to look at our old family photos! Our old tattered photo albums keep the dearest photos of our closest and most beloved people. These pages of family history contained in a photo album represent a visual genealogical tale of generations + [more tips]